Gutter Cleaning Options

Most home owners are thankful that gutter cleaning time only rolls around once a year. Maybe twice a year if your house is located under large shade trees. Regardless of how often the gutters need cleaning on your home, it’s probably not something you look forward to doing. The good news is there are options that will help make the undesirable job go much quicker and easier.

These gutter cleaning options will let you do as little, or as much, of the work as you desire.

Gutter Guards

If gutter cleaning is a chore you really despise or are unable to do yourself, gutter guards will solve the problem. Installing gutter guards will stop anything from getting into your guttering system except rain water. If leaves and debris are unable to get inside the gutters, then nothing can clog them up and the need for cleaning them will be eliminated. Installing gutter guards is a DIY projects or you can hire someone to do it for you.

DIY Tools

If you choose to clean the gutters yourself, you will need a few pieces of reliable equipment. The traditional way to do the job is to don a pair of heavy duty gloves and climb up a sturdy ladder to poke, pry and otherwise remove debris from the gutters. With this DIY method, the ladder will have to be moved frequently and you may encounter some flying insects or small critters who have decided to call your guttering system home.

Other DIY cleaning options, like attachments that connect onto a water hose, shop vac or leaf blower, make the task easier by allowing you to remain on the ground during the cleaning process.

Robot Cleaner

A small robotic device will clean the gutters while you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. The makers of robotic vacuum cleaner called Roomba, has invented and manufacturer a gutter cleaning robot called Looj.

The robotic option will make quick work of gutter cleaning, but will require you to be present and watch carefully. The Looj is also the most expensive gutter cleaning options, but to some home owners, it’s worth every penny.

Hire a Professional

Another option is to hire a professional gutter cleaning company. Don’t just pick a name out of the phone book though, when strangers are coming to your home, it’s wise to get recommendations from several sources and always ask the professionals for references of past clients before hiring them.